Improve Cloud Data Storage Security Using Data Partition Technique


The rapid increment in the popularity of cloud storage services has lead the companies which handle the critical data for their storage needs using cloud services. Examples of critical data includes the dat abases of medical records, historical information about the power system and financial data that can be moved to the cloud. However, yet there are concerns regarding the reliability and security of data stored in the cloud? In this paper we are going to present MultiCloud. It is a system that helps to improve the integrity, availability and the confidentiality of the information which is stored in the cloud using the encryption, encoding and replication of the data on diverse clouds that forms a cloud of clouds. This system has been deployed using three clouds and one interpreter.

Authors and Affiliations

Ms. Yogita Hande, Nikhil Pasalkar, Mayur Ghatkar, Ganesh Narvadkar, Prashant Pansare


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