Journal Title: International Research Journal of Applied and Basic Sciences - Year 2011, Vol 2, Issue 8


Computational analysis of nucleic acids and proteins from fishes has enriched our understanding of several fundamental problems in classical fish biology and genetics. Mining of data which is analogous to information discovery is the process of automating knowledge discovery. Analysis of data in all possible manners and recognition of a pattern which has a scientific basis using an efficient algorithm is the fundamental principle of Bioinformatics. Ever-increasing number of Bioinformatics tools and computational packages are now a days used in tandem to analyze sequence of a loci and to model a novel gene product. High efficiency algorithms with excellent homology searching functions have lead to this advancement. Cat fishes, a group of diverse bony fishes have been studied with respect to genetic analysis in several species and with several peptides. Tracking of the evolutionary foot prints using genomic libraries and among the expressed sequences has been generating much interest. Recent development in bioinformatics research in catfishes needs a comprehensive review to develop text for the academia as well as the industry for ready reconer to use and maximize potential of already developed tools and software packages. Identifying the sectors where catfish bioinformatics necessitate further research is also needed.

Authors and Affiliations

SURAJIT DEBNATH| Department of Medical Laboratory Technology, Women,s Polytechnic, Govt. of Tripura Hapania,P.O:Amtali via Sekerkot,Tripura (W).PIN:799130 , India.


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