Interval valued Pythagorean fuzzy ideals in semigroups

Journal Title: Journal of Fuzzy Extension & Applications - Year 2020, Vol 1, Issue 4


In this paper, we define the new notion of interval-valued Pythagorean fuzzy ideals in semigroups and established the properties of its with suitable examples. Also, we introduce the concept of interval valued Pythagorean fuzzy sub-semigroup, interval valued Pythagorean fuzzy left (resp. right) ideal, interval valued Pythagorean fuzzy bi-ideal, interval valued Pythagorean fuzzy interior ideal and homomorphism of an interval valued Pythagorean fuzzy ideal in semigroups with suitable illustration. We show that every interval valued Pythagorean fuzzy left (resp. right) ideal is an interval valued Pythagorean fuzzy bi-ideal.

Authors and Affiliations

Veerappan Chinnadurai; Arul Selvam


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