Some remarks on neutro-fine topology

Journal Title: Journal of Fuzzy Extension & Applications - Year 2020, Vol 1, Issue 3


The neutro-fine topological space is a space that contains a combination of neutrosophic and fine sets. In this study, the various types of open sets such as generalized open and semi-open sets are defined in such space. The concept of interior and closure on semi-open sets are defined and some of their basic properties are stated. These definitions extend the concept to generalized semi-open sets. Moreover, the minimal and maximal open sets are defined and some of their properties are studied in this space. As well as, discussed the complement of all these sets as its closed sets. The basic properties of the union and intersection of these open sets are stated in some theorems. Only a few sets satisfy this postulates, and others are disproved as shown in the counterexamples. The converse of some theorems is proved in probable examples.

Authors and Affiliations

Veerappan Chinnadurai, Mayandi Pandaram Sindhu


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