История одной командировки 1939 года:из записных книжек Павла Леонидовича Далецкого

Journal Title: Wschodni Rocznik Humanistyczny - Year 2017, Vol 0, Issue 1


The article is devoted to the notes of Pavel Daletsky drawn up during the Soviet delegation of writers to the Western Belarus (Poland under Soviet occupation) in October 1939. Among the notes, collected as a source for future novels and stories about the ‘liberation of Belarus’, are ‘non-printable’ content, expressing observations and impressions of the Soviet writer of Polish origin inspired by the image of occupied Poland, far from official position of the communist authorities. The notes show contrast between the writer’s human eyes and the censored style of his works. Participation in the delegation caused internal contradictions in the writer and to raised doubts about the rightness of personal and artistic path.

Authors and Affiliations

Мария Кротова


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