Letter to the Reader

Journal Title: EAI Endorsed Transactions on e-Learning - Year 2011, Vol 1, Issue 1


We would like to start our service to you, our readers, by expressing our most sincere appreciation for your curiosity about this initiative. This project has finally taken shape after years of planning and countless communications among a significant number of people. In true modern fashion, even though we have been working together for years, we have no idea what most of those within our extended team look like. This fantastic world of technology once again enables us to produce significant works without the need of direct or even synchronous interaction. It is this very aspect of today’s global infrastructure that plays the most central role into this project: the ability of interacting socially through electronic media, focussing on research and practice applied to the modern classroom. Our interest in e-education stems from the pure curiosity of ‘how can we improve our teaching’ once we became faculty members, with a significant load of classes to manage every semester. Our initial studies were concentrating mainly in agent-based simulations and artificial intelligence, interests that are still deeply rooted within us and that we carry on exploring. It is the classroom aspect of our jobs that has led us to exploring new and more efficient ways to utilize technology in teaching. Whether we are carrying out office hours in multi-user virtual environments, letting the students review programming concepts until the very last minute before the exam through some online demonstration, or thinking about the next project, we are researchers and practitioners just like you. The pervasiveness of information systems keeps breaking its own records, as we get to a degree of connectivity that is continuously increasing. Although its presence is not uniform through the entire globe, the possibilities that this intercontinental infrastructure offers appear nearly endless. It is in the intersection where we find the niche of e-learning and e-education that attracts us the most.

Authors and Affiliations

Giovanni Vincenti, James Braman


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