Level of life satisfaction among perimenopausal women according to selected socio-demographic characteristics

Journal Title: Medycyna Ogólna i Nauki o Zdrowiu - Year 2014, Vol 20, Issue 1


Introduction. The term ‘life satisfaction’ is closely related with the concept of the quality of life. Life satisfaction is considered as a category which is useful in empirical studies in medicine.Objective. The objective of the study was analysis of the level of life satisfaction among perimenopausal women, according to socio-demographic characteristics.Material and methods. The study included 268 females aged 45 55 who reported to the outpatient departments in the city of Lublin. The qualification criteria into the study group were: age 45–55, lack of mental disorders, lack of diseases requiring hospitalization during the period of study. Women with iatrogenic menopause were excluded from the study.The study was voluntary and anonymous. The research project obtained a positive opinion from the Bioethical Committee at the Medical University in Lublin (No. KE-0254/6/2008). The study was conducted in 2008 by the method of a diagnostic survey with the use of the Satisfaction With Life Scale (SWLS) and a questionnaire designed by the author in order to collect socio-demographic data.Results. The mean life satisfaction in the group examined was 17.40 ± 7.38. The values of satisfaction with life (SWLS) obtained in the presented study, according to the respondents’ age, marital status, and education level indicated an mediocre life satisfaction among the women examined. In addition, the mean values of satisfaction with life (SWLS) according to the monthly income showed low or mediocre satisfaction with life in the group of women examined.Conclusions. Analysis of the results obtained indicated that actions aimed at the improvement of satisfaction with life should be directed to perimenopausal women with elementary, elementary vocational and secondary school education, and those with low monthly income.Key words: perimenopause, satisfaction with life, socio-demographic characteristics

Authors and Affiliations

Katarzyna Kanadys, Magdalena Lewicka, Magdalena Sulima, Dariusz Surdyka, Henryk Wiktor


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