Malignant tumors of the oral cavity and neck in Clinic of Maxillo-Facial Surgery in Poznań from 2002–2004

Journal Title: Otolaryngologia Polska - Year 2007, Vol 61, Issue 3


Increasing number of malignant neoplasms of the oral cavity and facial region as well as lower age of the patients hospitalized were the interest of the authors. Material and methods. Clinical data from the years 2002–2004 were analysed in this paper. In this study the factors as: sex and age of patients, tumor localization, histological examinations, surgical treatment of the tumor and lymph nodes are reported. Results. During the 3 years period there were 346 tumors of the oral cavity treated in Clinic of Maxillofacial Surgery in Poznaƒ. Epidemiologic studies have revealed a increased number of squamous cell carcinomas and other malignant tumors as lymphomas, adenoid cystic carcinomas and sarcomas of the oro-facial region. The staging of the tumors is similar as in previous years. Conclusions. The study shows better knowledge about oral malignancies in dentists and general praticioners. The tumor patients are surgically treated earlyer as in previous years.<br/><br/>

Authors and Affiliations

Leszek Lewandowski, Krzysztof Osmola, Marian Nowaczyk


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Leszek Lewandowski, Krzysztof Osmola, Marian Nowaczyk (2007). Malignant tumors of the oral cavity and neck in Clinic of Maxillo-Facial Surgery in Poznań from 2002–2004. Otolaryngologia Polska, 61(3), 286-289.