Nurses Role in the Covid-19 Pandemic, Knowledge and Attitudes of Nursing Staff – Implications for the Future

Journal Title: Thesis - Year 2020, Vol 9, Issue 2


Covid-19 created the biggest worldwide public health emergency. Nurses as the largest component of the health care workforce, play an important role both locally and globally in managing. The web-based survey lasted about two weeks between April-May 2020 assessed the nurses' knowledge of and attitude towards Covid-19. Eighty-one nurses from Vlore, Albania, were study participants. Most were female and belonged to the age group 20-29 years, with less than 5 years of work experience. The majority of nurses reported having sufficient knowledge about Covid-19. The sources of information included television, social media, work institution, and the Ministry of Health. All nurses refer that Covid-19 is a viral infection, while 14% of them refer that there is a vaccine available. About 39% state that antibiotics are the first-line treatment. The results suggest appropriate information sources, participation in programs for the prevention and control of infections, and mental health support for nurses.

Authors and Affiliations

Fatjona Kamberi & Enkeleda Sinaj


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