Ocular manifestations in sensorineural hearing loss: A cross sectional study

Journal Title: MedPulse -International Medical Journal - Year 2015, Vol 2, Issue 12


Hearing and vision are responsible for 95% of environmental cognition. The loss of both sight and hearing leaves a devastating impact on individual's communication abilities and self esteem. Currently, hearing and vision are assessed and treated in isolation using sense-specific measures. There is no unified classification system for dual sensory impairment. With this background, we conducted a study with objective to determine various ocular manifestations in subjects with sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) and to correlate with the severity of the disease. A cross sectional study was designed with same objective. A battery of audiological tests were carried out followed by examination of ophthalmological defects in form of visual acuity, slit lamp and fundus examination. On the basis of the severity of the SNHL, subjects were categorized into three subgroups as Grade I –mild SNHL (n=7); Grade II- moderate and moderately severe SNHL (n=20) and Grade III - severe and profoundly SNHL (n=27). We observed that ocular manifestation was prevalent in 59% of total study population. Cataract was found to be the most common ocular manifestation (18/54) followed majorly by refractive error, age related macular degeneration and pseudoexfoliation (PEX). A significant association between ocular manifestation and degree of SNHL was observed in Grade II subjects (20/27) patients. In addition, when subjects were categorized on the age basis, we observed maximum ocular manifestations among subjects above 50 years which included cataract, age related macular degeneration and pseudoexfoliation. Conclusion: Visual and hearing assessment should be conducted in unified manner, however future studies in a large study cohort are the need of hour.

Authors and Affiliations

Gunjan Gupta, N K Mohindroo, Devraj Sharma, Ramesh Azad, K P Chaudhary


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