Organizacje kulturalno-towarzyskie w guberniach lubelskiej i siedleckiej (1867-1914)

Journal Title: Wschodni Rocznik Humanistyczny - Year 2018, Vol 0, Issue 2


In the years 1867-1914, at last 50 cultural and social organizations were legalized in Lublin and Siedlce Guberniyas. During the period of state government restriction od sozial life (until 1894) ninie associations were established, during the period of reguolation (1894-1906) - 4, and during liberalizion (1906-1914) - 37. There were 18 sozial clubs, 8 music and theater associations, 7 libearies, 5 theatrical and musical, 3 theatrical-musical-gymnasiums, 2 the scientific ones promoting culture and 1 literary and lovers of the vilages. The pioneers of the organizations the Russians government officials. Soon the Polish landlords and the bourgeoisie jonied them. The outbreak of the revolution in 1905 triggered the petty bourgeoisie. In tterms of nationality, the founders of the 20 organizations were Poles, 14 Russians, 9 Poles and Russians, 5 Jews, 1 Poles, Russians and Jews, 1 unknow.

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Wojciech Jaworski


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