Partitioning Morphopedological as Allowance to Land Use Planning of the Watershed from Claro and Bois Rivers, State of Goiás


This study aimed to perform an environmental and land use conflicts basins of Claro and Bois course, members of the upper basin of the Araguaia River, state of Goias analysis from morphopedological compartments in order to identify the compartments more susceptible to the occurrence of linear erosion, interpreting the possible causes. We used integrated analysis of the main variables of the landscape, considering the incidence of linear erosions (ravines and gullies) in relation to geological, geomorphological factors and drainage patterns from spatial correlation based on remote sensing and GIS, scale detail. 4 (four) morphopedological compartments and 395 water erosion gullies linear medium and large were delimited. The correlation between the compartments and the distribution of erosion gullies allowed to establish that the MP-1 compartment, located southeast of the area, is the most severe form, by concentrating 42.78% of the total number of outbreaks, followed by MP III on the portion Midwest with 37.22%, the IV MP II and MP, respectively with 11.14% and 8.86% of outbreaks that are located in southern and northwestern portions of the area. These results allow you to select the first two as preferred areas of actions to control erosion.

Authors and Affiliations

Maria Gonçalves da Silva Barbalho| Centro Universitário de Anápolis (PPSTMA/UniEVANGELICA), Selma Simões de Castro| IESA/UFG – LABOGEF - Laboratório de Geomorfologia, Pedologia e Geografia Física


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