Performance Analysis of Adaptive Modulation in OFDM Systems


OFDM technology promises to be a key technique for achieving the high data capacity and spectral efficiency requirements for wireless communication systems. Different order modulations allows a wireless communication system to send more bits per symbol and thus achieve higher throughputs or better spectral efficiencies. So the use of adaptive modulation allows a wireless system to choose the best order modulation scheme depending on the channel conditions. Hence OFDM with Adaptive modulation (AOFDM) is implemented. In AOFDM, adaptive transmission scheme is employed according to channel fading condition to improve the performance. The performance metrics such as Bit Error Rate, Signal to Interference plus Noise Ratio are to be considered. Based on Signal to Interference plus Noise Ratio threshold value, modulation schemes are varied according to the environmental conditions. The adaptive OFDM is simulated and it provides better performance when compared to OFDM with fixed modulation schemes.

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S. Karthika


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