Preparation of Ionic Liquid Supported Metal Frame Py/MOF-199 and Its Adsorption Desulfurization Performance

Journal Title: Progress in Energy & Fuels - Year 2012, Vol 1, Issue 1


The metal framework MOF-199 (Cu-BTC) was prepared and the [Hnmp][H2PO4] ionic liquid was loaded onto MOF-199 to synthesize the ionic liquid supported metal framework Py/MOF-199. The adsorbent was characterized by X-ray diffraction, infrared spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy and specific surface area. The effects of pretreatment conditions of MOF-199, ionic liquid loading mode, loading, load temperature and loading time on the adsorption and removal performance of thiophene were investigated. The preparation conditions and adsorption desulfurization conditions of the adsorbent were optimized by orthogonal experiment. The results show that Py/MOF-199 obtained by ionic liquid modification maintains the regular octahedral structure of MOF-199. The suitable preparation conditions for Py/MOF-199 are as follows: pretreatment of MOF-199 by vacuum Soxhlet extraction and vacuum drying, followed by solvothermal loading [Hnmp][H2PO4], load temperature of 50 ° C, load The time is 8h and the load is 7%. The order of influence of various factors on the desulfurization performance of the adsorbent is: load temperature>loading time>ionic liquid loading. Suitable Py/MOF-199 adsorption desulfurization conditions are: simulated oil is 10mL, adsorbent dosage is 0.2g, adsorption temperature is 70 °C, adsorption time is 1h. Under these conditions, the thiophene removal rate can reach 96.7%.

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Xinghe Zhu


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