Presentation a model in order to choose cement suppliers in shoae betone shargh company

Journal Title: International Research Journal of Applied and Basic Sciences - Year 2013, Vol 4, Issue 3


According to competitive environment of these days markets, distribution channels and choosing the right suppliers among of these channels, especially in the industrial market is caused by choosing the right suppliers will be particular importance. Selection of the right suppliers, requires the evaluate of Exact-multi criteria. Since the performance of suppliers are different with each other and accordingly, it is possible that base on specific criteria, a supplier will be the best one. But, based on another criteria allocate another rate, need for appropriate models is cleared for choosing the material for cement in concrete production, this research is done by analysis network process in shoae betone shargh company with a model for evaluating and selecting of cement suppliers. In the first step of this research, according to review of research literature and similar research studies and interviews with the managers and journalists determinate criteria in order to evaluate suppliers. In the second step, in order to refining criteria and choosing the most important and effective, an questionnaire was distributed according to codification among of reporters, contractors and people who are related with industry and the results indicate seven criteria of quality, delivery on time, facilities and technology, cost, past performance, reputation and flexibility in choosing suppliers of shoae betone shargh company. In the third step, selection criteria based on importance in choosing suppliers were paired comparison by industry journalists in the second questionnaire .The resulting weighted and criteria priorities with using hierarchical analysis process are including: quality, delivery on time, par performance, flexibility, facilities and technology, cost and reputation. In the fourth step, in order to determine criteria, the relationship between the third questionnaire was settled disposal of experts and relationship were identified. IN the fifth step interdependent criteria are under the paired comparison in the fourth questionnaire to analysis network process technique is obtained in the form of facilities and technology, quality, reputation, delivery on time, flexibility, past performance and cost. Finally, in the sixth step, in order to choose suitable supplier among the six supplier, suppliers assigned scores among one to five based on each criteria and as a result, were ranked as Hagmatana cement with weight of 0/270, Abyek cement with weight of 0/240, Tehran cement with weight of 0/143, Saveh cement with weight of 0/140, Mashhad cement with weight of 0/125, Firuzkuh cement with weight of 0/070.

Authors and Affiliations

Mohammad rahim Ramzanian| Assistant professor of management, university of Guilan , Rasht, Iran, Mahmood moradi| Assistant professor of management, university of Guilan , Rasht, Iran, Fatemeh shoaeshargh| Graduate student, MBA, university of Guilan , Rasht, Iran


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