Presenting a Strategic Evaluation Model of Human Resource Management System in Specialized Parent Companies (Holding)

Journal Title: Journal of Human Resource Studies - Year 2021, Vol 11, Issue 3


Background & Purpose: Due to the increasing expansion of holding structures in Iranian organizations, it is necessary for these companies to be able to properly assess the human resource management system of their subsidiaries, given the importance of human capital in creating value for companies. Thus, the purpose of this study is to provide a model for strategic evaluation and management of human resource management system in holding companies. Methodology: The research method is applied in terms of purpose and is a sequential exploratory mixed study regarding data collection. In the first part, by reviewing the literature and research, the initial model was calculated based on the CIPP framing framework, and then the opinions of the focus group, including 12 experts in the field of human resources, were used to complete the model. The AHP method has also been used to weigh the components and dimensions; Acceptable validity and reliability were achieved in qualitative and quantitative sections. Findings: The field section of the model includes internal and external environment factors. Inputs of the model consists of orientation of strategies, role human resources manager, and human resources organization components. The processes section includes components of human resource risk management, knowledge and innovation management, management of organizational culture and values, development of capabilities and talents, planning and recruitment, training and learning, maintenance and compensation of services, performance management and promotion, safety and health, human resource information system, interaction and communication with stakeholders. Also, the output section contains procedural factors, resulting factors, and organizational effect factors. Conclusion: Holding organizations can use this model to strategically evaluate the human resource management system of their subsidiaries. In this regard, it is essential, firstly, to adapt and possibly localize the dimensions of this model in their industry in addition to form a steering committee, and to strategize the strategic measures for the development of this model in their collection.

Authors and Affiliations

Jahaniar Bamdad Sufi; Mohmmadtaghi Taghavifard; Hamed Dehghanan; Mansoor Dehghan Najmabadi


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