Prevalence of obesity and overweight in school going children between 6 years to 16 years of age

Journal Title: Medpulse International Journal of Pediatrics - Year 2017, Vol 4, Issue 3


Background: Obesity is nothing but excess accumulation of fat in subcutaneous tissue and other parts of organs. Asians are more vulnerable to the adverse effects of obesity because Asians have 3 to 5% higher body fat which is centrally located. Indians are facing under nutrition in rural area and urban slums and obesity and overweight in upper and middle class due to wrong eating habits and sedentary life style. BMI appear to be the most practical way of measuring and comparing obesity for clinical and epidemiological purposes. In this study BMI percentile is used, BMI >85 percentile are considered overweight, BMI >95 percentile is considered as obesity. Aims and Objectives: To find out prevalence of overweight and obesity in school going children in English medium schools and factors responsible for it. Materials and Methods: Two English medium schools from Sangli city are selected and students from 1stto 10thstandard (Age group 6-16 yrs) are examined. Results: Prevalence of overweight was 15.6% and for obesity it was 5.6% in Boys. And Prevalence of overweight was 12.3 % and for obesity it was 4.0 % in Girls. Summery and Conclusion: According to the BMI percentile criteria published for Indian children the prevalence of overweight and obesity is increased in school children of Sangli. Other factors like TV/computer viewing, dietary habit, outdoor game activities and family class also plays role in overweight and obesity.

Authors and Affiliations

Suresh Nana Waydande, Sambhaji S Wagh


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