Problems of the implementation of monitoring of public procurement by the State audit service of Ukraine


The author of the article considers the problem of determining the efficiencyof the State audit service as a monitoring body in the field of public procurement. The article analyzes the legislative basis for monitoring public procurement taking into account recent changes introduced by the Law of Ukraine "On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine" On Public Procurement "and some other laws of Ukraine on monitoring procurement" of 21.12.2017 № 2265-VII. In order to determine the efficiency of the monitoring of procurement, the author systematized re-ports on the activities of the State audit service for 2016-2017 years, as well as the results of consideration by the courts of cases of administrative violations envisaged by Article 164-14 of the Code of Adminis-trative Offenses. The results of the study showed the low efficiency of bringing violators of the law on procurements to liability, in particular, out of 299 cases, considered by courts for the analyzed period, only 28 persons were brought to administrative liability. The author also notes, that the reports on the activities of the Public аudit service in the field of public procurement are not sufficiently informative, since they do not contain data on efficiency - in particular, compensation for losses incurred due to violations and the number of persons brought to liability. The author found that most of the cases were not considered by the court in essence, in connection with the omission of the time limits for imposing administrative penalties for violations and the shortcomings in the execution of the administrative offenses protocol, in a large part of cases the court denied recognized persons guilty or recognized the offenses as insignificant. The author proposes the following changes to improve the efficiency of the State audit service: to set performance indicators for the monitoring system based on the efficiency of the actions of public servants of the State audit service, to increase the time period for imposing administrative penalties for procurement offenses, which will significantly reduce the number of cases returned from formal causes; to provide the officials of the State audit service,in accordance with the requirements of Part 2 of Art. 294 Code of Administrative Offenses, right to appeal a judge's decision in an administrative offense case, since often obvious court errors are the basis for making a final decision; indicate the list of annexes to the model protocol on administrative offenses in the field of procurement.

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Oksana Kostenko


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