Reiterate and integrate the adverse effect of antipsychotic agent and its attenuation by Ginkgo Biloba Extract on reproductive system and functions of rodents

Journal Title: World Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences - Year 2017, Vol 5, Issue 8


The psychotic drug agents are linked and believed to increase risk of sexual dysfunction by increasing prolactin levels. Ginkgo Biloba Extract (GBE) is reported much effected in treating antidepressant induce sexual dysfunction. The current study was carried out in two phases. In first phase of study we did the evaluation of effect of hyperprolactinemia caused by CPZ(Chlorpromazine)on ovarian follicular growth, gonadotrophin and changes in ovarian hormone in adult female rats while in second phase investigation of prophylactic role of GBE against testicular damage, oxidative stress and caudal sperm indices in CPZ treated rodent model was done. In 1st study we divided the animals in 4 groups, each group was consisting of 5 rats.1st group was control while other three groups were treated with different doses of CPZ e. g 5mg/kg/day,15mg/kg/day, and 30mg/kg/day respectively for 2 weeks, CPZ was given via gavage. On 15th day, the animals were sacrificed by decapitated, ovaries were removed and stained with H&E and later their histomorphometric examination was done. The serum levels of LH (Luteinizing hormone), FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone), Estradiol (E2), Progesterone and Prolactin levels were measured. CPZ treated groups showed varied amount and size of atretic follicle. The Higher rate of dysfunctional ovaries were seen in those groups which were treated with higher doses of CPZ. Similarly, higher concentration of progesterone and prolactin while lower concentration of FSH, E2, LH in sera and decreased rate of pregnancy was also observed in treated groups. The rate of toxicity was directly proportion to quantity of CPZ dose. In 2nd phase of study the animals were divide into 5 groups and each had 5 rats.1st was control,2nd was treated with CPZ alone while other 3 were firstly treated with single dose of CPZ (30 mg/kg) and then treated with different doses of GBE i-e 45mg/kg,90mg/kg, and 200mg/kg respectively for 20 days. CPZ and GBE were given via gavage. On 21st day, at the end of experiment, the animals were sacrificed by de -capitated using guillotine and then their reproductive organs (testis, epididymis) were removed for further study. Decreased weight of testis and epididymis was also noted in CPZ treated groups. Moreover, degeneration of seminiferous tubules, reduction in sperm motility and count was also observed after CPZ toxicity. In addition to this, increase in the germ cell apoptosis was also noted; the levels of SOD, Testosterones, and CAT got reduced while MDA was increased in treated groups. The groups treated with GBE showed visible and significant improvement in all above said pathological alterations. The results of current study showed that 200mg/kg dose of GBE was more effective in protecting rodents against reproductive toxicity caused by CPZ.

Authors and Affiliations

Noorah Saleh AL-Sowayan


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