Scientific enquiry into the flat social media innovation based modeling of flat social entrepreneurship for economic and non-economic opportunities


Flat Social Entrepreneurship is an innovation of modelling in the field of social entrepreneurship evolvedas the innovation of technology and flat social Medias used in daily life of an individual or an organization.Innovation and technological resources are key to solvesocial problems thatare dealt to have economic and non-economic opportunity as per the need of the individuals and business society. It is a new schoolof thought in business and management sector. As like as flatly appeared, modelling of flat social entrepreneurship has been developed. The main aim of this investigation is to begin debateflat social entrepreneurship and innovation practices in the world. This paper is based on scientific review in context ofsocial entrepreneurship, flat social Media and innovation and propounded modelling of flat social entrepreneurship. It is a grounded theory based on the first layer from the bottom of flat earth theory as a fundamental, second layer is use of flat social Medias prone entrepreneurship that is a kind of flat social entrepreneurship in the third layer, which could be a basement of innovation. On the fourth layer at top, innovation create new economic and non-economic opportunities. It has a broad scope since flat social Media use in the startup directly and indirectly. Ultimately, innovation cycletakes socio economic transformationby flat social entrepreneurship in the planet.

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Rudra Prasad GHIMIRE


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