Simcard’s Address Book Access System


As the rapid growth in telecom companies and services provided by them mobile phone has become necessity for society as mobile phone are not just for calling but also aids other features like camera, clock, music player, etc. or we can say that mobile is multi-featured portable pocket size device. Other than calling the most widely used feature of mobile service is SMS. It really becomes hard to manage without mobile phone. Consider a emergency situation where a person’s mobile phone is not available with him and wants to contact but he doesn’t remember the contact number of the person to whom he wants to contact. Traditional way to get that urgent number is by calling at home. This process is sometime troublesome and long. This paper represents how SMS can provide an excellent alternative to a traditional way to get any contact, unread sms and to change audio profile from your mobile phone which is not physically available at the instance. So we propose an application which will reduce the long and troublesome process with the help of just one SMS. Person has to send request in the form of SMS to his mobile phone requesting for contact which he wants. SMS request when received is then processed and returned back to same number within less time and less efforts.

Authors and Affiliations

Ashish Davil, Vivek Jadhav, Yashwant Tawde, Prof. Mayank Mangala


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