Sites of Memory in the Public Space of Chile and Georgia: the Transition and Pre–Transition Period

Journal Title: Polish Political Science Yearbook - Year 2016, Vol 45, Issue


By undertaking discussion on the aspect of special forms of commemoration, we may obtain a lot of useful information about the remembrance policy of a given country. That is why the analysis of the issue of the sites of memory seems to be of key importance for understanding problems related to the state’s interpretation of the past from the perspective of an authoritarian regime, political transition and democracy. The aim of this paper is to address one of the elements of a broader issue, i.e. the study of the politics of memory. This element focuses on the presentation of the most significant sites of memory in two countries with the experience of authoritarianism – Chile and Georgia – emphasizing changes which took place in the sphere of commemoration from the beginning of democratic transformation to the moment of achieving full democracy. By describing these places we are showing the main directions and framework assumptions of the remembrance policies of Chile and Georgia, reflected in the form of spatial and visual objects of the “living history”.

Authors and Affiliations

Joanna Marszałek–Kawa, Anna Ratke-Majewska


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Joanna Marszałek–Kawa, Anna Ratke-Majewska (2016). Sites of Memory in the Public Space of Chile and Georgia: the Transition and Pre–Transition Period. Polish Political Science Yearbook, 45(), 99-116.