Social entrepreneurship and what does it mean for management of consumer behavior


The most important factor in the success of an organization on the market is to study and satisfy the needs of the end customer of the product/service. The exclusion and insufficient consideration of the interests of consumers of social services is not only equivalent to the imposition of these services, but also leads to a significant increase in costs in the implementation of measures aimed on improving the quality of life of the population. By including these interests as the forces of self-movement of the population in the service mechanism, it is necessary to create conditions for the self-organization of citizens, who are choosing themselves the services they need and the ways services are provided. However, neither state nor companies are ready, due to a number of factors, to solve this problem. Under these conditions, there is an opportunity for the development of socially oriented enterprises. The aim of this work is to study the evolution of social entrepreneurship in the world space. To achieve this goal, the concept of "social entrepreneurship" was clarified, the practice of developing social entrepreneurship worldwide was studied, periods of development of social entrepreneurship were identified, and the existing Ukrainian experience in this matter was presented. The purpose of this article is to analyse works devoted to the study of social entrepreneurship: the definition of the conceptual framework, its essence and concept; identifying characteristics of its influence on consumer behaviour management, signs and characteristics of social enterprises; types and motives of social entrepreneurs.

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