The influence of professional competencies on the economic condition of the organizations in the mechanical engineering sector in Bulgaria


The technological changes, under the influence of scientific and technological progress and trends in the mechanical engineering, inevitably lead to modifications in the characteristics of the existing jobs and the creation of new such with other characteristics. Therefore, regardless of the depth and speed of the changes in the technological facilities for production, ever more important for the efficiency in most machine-building enterprises will be the qualities and skills of the workforce in the coming years. Modifications in the parameters and organization of the workplaces will change the content of the tasks and as a consequence, will alter the vocational qualification requirements for the employed. In this sense, the development of the professional competencies is an important internal reserve for the economic growth of the organization. The purpose of this article is to analyze the status and development of the professional competencies of the labor force in the mechanical engineering sector, and to evaluate their role in improving the economic situation in the business organizations in Bulgaria.

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