Social retrieval of music content in multi-user performance

Journal Title: EAI Endorsed Transactions on Creative Technologies - Year 2015, Vol 2, Issue 3


An emerging trend in interactive music performance consists of the audience directly participating in the performance by means of mobile devices. This is a step forward with respect to concepts like active listening and collaborative music making: non-expert members of an audience are enabled to directly participate in a creative activity such as the performance. This requires the availability of technologies for capturing and analysing in real-time the natural behaviour of the users/performers, with particular reference to non- verbal expressive and social behaviour. This paper presents a prototype of a non-verbal expressive and social search engine and active listening system, enabling two teams of non-expert users to act as performers. The performance consists of real-time sonic manipulation and mixing of music pieces selected according to features characterising performers’ movements captured by mobile devices. The system is described with specific reference to the SIEMPRE Podium Performance, a non-verbal socio-mobile music performance presented at the Art & ICT Exhibition that took place in Vilnius (LI) in November 2013.

Authors and Affiliations

Maurizio Mancini, Gualtiero Volpe, Giovanna Varni, Antonio Camurri


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