Social Studies Teacher’s Perception in the Use of Educational Websites in Online Teaching in the Philippines: A Systematic Literature Review


The pandemic has challenged the educational system to alter the delivery of instruction from the traditional face-to-face into distant learning, modular and online. This sudden paradigm shift posited a lot of concerns particularly in the integration of technology in social studies curriculum. This review used the systematic literature review to analyze the empirical literature and the reading log (University of South Australia) to analyze the findings. The systematic literature is a rigorous approach in searching related literature, identifying publications to be included to undergo an iterative and transparent processes, analyze the data through a structured abstraction and a systematic approach (Gentles, S.J. et. al. 2016). This review found out that there is a limited literature in the integration of technology specific in social studies both internationally and in the Philippine context. Although there are some literature on technology integration in social studies, they failed to tackle the experiences and challenges by the teachers in technological integration in full online delivery of instruction specific in social studies teaching. Thus, it is recommended that researchers must explore other angles of technological integration in social studies such as the teacher’s perceptions of specific technologies used in the subject. Second, the experiences and challenges they encountered during the delivery of instruction amidst the crisis. Third, studies should also be conducted on the effect of technology integration to student outcomes. These studies will serve as the basis for the future planning, design, implementation, assessment, and modification of social studies curriculum to be more student centered, contextualized and inclusive with the use or aid of technologies.

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Jeanel C. Gregorio,


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