Staroruski neumatyczny Irmologion Ławrowski z XVI wieku - niezbadany zabytek wschodniosłowiańskiego piśmiennictwa muzycznego na południowo-zachodniej Rusi

Journal Title: Wschodni Rocznik Humanistyczny - Year 2016, Vol 0, Issue


The Irmologion Lawrowski dated to the 16th century is a not yet researched relic of the East Slavic music writing from South West Ruthenia. This article is a valuable contribution to the research about the Eastern and Western’s Ruthenia influences clashing and affecting each other on the subject of Orthodox songs which were used in the Republic of Poland before partitions. The Old Ruhenian monodic Orthodox singing (org. znamiennyj raspiew) had an important role in the spiritual live of ‘The old Ruthenia’. The material evidence supporting the richness of the Old Ruthenian Orthodox melodies are thousands of manuscripts written using neumatic notation and Kievian square notations. The author describes and analyses the Irmologion from Ivan Lawrowski from the late 16th century that is being archived in the National Library of Poland in Warsaw. This particular manuscript holds a very rich liturgical material using a type A notation.

Authors and Affiliations

Daniel Sawicki


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