Study of extra-cardiac anomalies in children with congenital heart diseases

Journal Title: Medpulse International Journal of Pediatrics - Year 2018, Vol 8, Issue 3


Background:Congenital heart diseases are frequently associated with other non-cardiac congenital malformations and may require intervention of a surgical or medical care independently from the cardiac problem. For these reasons, it would be worth to discuss the significance and the cost-effectiveness of screening all children with CHD.Aim: To study the pattern of various extra-cardiac malformations in congenital heart disease patient. Material and Methods:A total of 217 children with congenital heart diseases under 14 years were studied for the incidence and pattern of extra cardiac anomalies present in such cases with multiple investigations.Results:Out of the 217 subjects with cardiac anomalies, 87 subjects (40.09%) had VSD, 72 (33.18%) ASD, 48 (22.1%) had PDA and less than 2% had other cardiac anomalies.Out of 217 cases, 29 (13.4%) cases were found to be associated with extra cardiac anomalies. CNS (24.14%), craniofacial (24.14%) and skeletal (24.14%) anomalies were common extra cardiac anomalies. Renal anomalies were present in 6 (20.69%) of cases.Conclusion:Association of extra cardiac anomalies with CHD is important, as it would hence be beneficial to evaluate for these anomalies at an early age for timely management.

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Nagendra Prasad K, Srikrishna S


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