Survey Of Urban Areas Based On TheIndicators Of The Happy City(Gorgan City)

Journal Title: Human Ecology - Year 2023, Vol 2, Issue 2


Today's urban and modern life, despite the latest and most up-to-date technologies, has been able to make people's lives much easier than in the past and remove the hardships that people had to endure in the past, but this type of life has brought a new problem with it. which was not predictable before; Depression and lack of happiness. Unfortunately, due to the unprofessional construction of big cities, the loss of natural spaces and visual pollution, exhausting traffic, noise and air pollution, life in cities has become very exhausting and the unpleasant conditions of life in crowded cities cause various diseases such as depression, anxiety and disorders. It has become mental and physical. This research aims to investigate the components of a happy city in the areas of Gorgan city, in line with the movement towards creating happy neighborhoods. The governing process of this research is descriptive-analytical in terms of purpose, application and type of research method. The method of collecting data and information is library, document and survey. The scope of the research is 8 urban areas of Gorgan, which have been measured and analyzed with 7 criteria of a happy city. The research results show that in the AHP decision model, the human capital index with a score of (0.784) is the first priority, social trust with a coefficient of (0.372) is the second priority, and visual pollution with a coefficient of (0.330) is the first priority. Third, it has had the greatest impact on the movement of a district towards the happy city. Also, based on COPRAS multi-criteria decision making model, District 1 with a score of (1) ranks first in terms of the indicators of Shad City, District 2 ranks second with a coefficient of (0.975) and District 6 ranks first with a score of (0.946). The third is in terms of the indicators of the happy city.

Authors and Affiliations

samiei, J. , moammeri, E. , faridnia, H. , & bazzi, K.


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