The Effects of Reading Habits on Reading Comprehension among EFL Students at Van Lang University

Journal Title: International Journal of TESOL & Education - Year 2021, Vol 1, Issue 2


Reading habit and reading comprehension seem to share a significant correlation, but there is less research conducted in Viet Nam in order to reveal the relationship between them. This research aims to describe Van Lang EFL students' reading habits, reveal their reading proficiency, and determine the correlation between the two elements. Quantitative data were collected through an online questionnaire, and the test would be analyzed by using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences 26 (SPSS 26). The questionnaire was used to identify learners' habits of reading, and the test was supervised to evaluate their reading productivity. Pearson Correlation and regression analyses were conducted in order to affirm the effects between five aspects of reading habits on reading comprehension. Qualitative data were collected through a structured interview and later were quantified by using Microsoft Excel 2016. The interview was conducted in order to clarify some similarities and differences between the reading habits and attitudes of purposive samples. From the result of this study, the researcher can declare that Van Lang EFL scholars have good attitudes toward reading habits and perform reading mostly because of their own motivation. From the statistics, it can be concluded that their reading comprehension performance was mediocre. The findings show that the correlation between reading habit and reading comprehension is perfect significant (robtained=0.608 to 0.710). 53.9% of the factors of reading habit contribute to reading comprehension. The result implicates that reading comprehension achievement would be enhanced if reading habit is maintained and vice versa. The researcher recommends that further research focus on the procedure, obstacles, interests of having good reading habits, and how learners apply reading habits to subjects requiring specific reading comprehension skills.

Authors and Affiliations

Uyen Minh Ngo Pham


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