The Impact of Internal Marketing on Service Quality, Perceived Value, Consumer Satisfaction and Loyalty in the Service Sector


This article proposes to integrate internal marketing, perceived quality, perceived value, satisfaction and behavioural intention in the same model. The study was conducted with 200 healthcare staff and 200 patients. First, the results indicate the influence of internal marketing dimensions on perceived quality and satisfaction. In a second step, it turns out that perceived quality influences satisfaction and perceived value, which in turn impacts satisfaction. Finally, there is a relationship between, on the one hand, satisfaction and behavioural intention and, on the other hand, the perceived value and behavioural intention of consumers.

Authors and Affiliations

Rakotovao Manovosoa Finaritra, Rakotomahenina Pierre Benjamin


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Rakotovao Manovosoa Finaritra, Rakotomahenina Pierre Benjamin (2021). The Impact of Internal Marketing on Service Quality, Perceived Value, Consumer Satisfaction and Loyalty in the Service Sector. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Analysis, 4(2), -.