The Main Problems of Phraseology and the Concept of the Motivation of Phraseological Units in the Modern German Language

Journal Title: European Modern Studies Journal - Year 2017, Vol 1, Issue 2


Phraseology is a branch of linguistics, which studies a set of phraseological units of a particular language. Despite the fact that many linguists study phraseology, there are divergences in their views on the definition of phraseology, its scope and subject. Modern researches within the framework of phraseology are characterized by a new direction – they analyze the psychological basis of choosing the expression’s external form in view of people’s culture, ethno-consciousness and their evolution. There appeared a problem of the motivation of phraseological units, studied in the context of cognitive onomasiology. The task of this paper is to compare and analyze the ideas of researchers, thus come closer to solving the main problems of phraseology, and describe the concept of the motivation of phraseological units in the context of the modern German language, since this issue has not yet been thoroughly investigated. The study uses descriptive, comparative and generalization methods.

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Anna Kuzmenko


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