The policy of the Soviet authorities to the Polish population of Southern Ukraine in the 1920s

Journal Title: Eminak - Year 2017, Vol 3, Issue 2


On the basis of archival sources covered policy of the Soviet authorities to the Polish population of southern Ukraine in the 1920s. Various aspects of the Polish population of Ukraine has repeatedly become the subject of study scientists. Unfortunately, there is no study that would have revealed the process of creating regional party and government bodies have to coordinate the work of serving the needs of the Polish population of the southern region, with a view to Sovietization, hence the relevance of research topic. In the early 1920s the problem of ethnic relations and national-cultural development, based on ideological dogmas ruling party remained one of the most acute in Ukraine and other Soviet republics. In order to attract people to the Soviet construction proclaimed policy of indigenization, which provided training and education of personnel indigenous nationality for use in the state apparatus and economic management, the introduction of mother tongue and national characteristics in the educational process of educational institutions, development of national culture and more. After the Communist Party saw this as an effective means of forming a new «socialist culture». For practical implementation of the national policy of Soviet power in the region, a system of special bodies that took care of the life of the Polish population. The main purpose of their work was actively involved Polish population to the Soviet construction through advocacy activities. The main result of their work was to be a complete transformation of consciousness Polish population and turning it into a «Soviet people». For this purpose various forms of media advocacy work. However, this study found a gradual decrease in confidence in the Polish population to the Soviet regime.

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Olga Tretyakova


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