The Role of Women in Kashmir politics – from ‘Just Peace’ to Confrontational Politics


The conflict in Kashmir is as old as the independence of India and Pakistan. The people of Kashmir are yet to see the light of the promise made to them by the Indian regime at the time of accession. The uncertainty about the future has perpetuated the conflict to an extant were common Kashmiri has become disillusioned about the Indian state and its democratic values. This has given rise to violence that has taken shape of insurgency and counterinsurgency. The women of Kashmir has been on the receiving end in this conflict. They are the worst victims in the conflict. Nevertheless, they have shown their resilience and carved their niche. They have taken various roles in the changed circumstances balancing between being a mother, wife daughter and an activist. The paper makes an attempt to understand how women of Kashmir has adapted in the conflict. What are the Kashmiri women organization’s active in the Kashmir movement in post 1989 period.

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Rayees Ahmad Bhat


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