The study of the relationship between visual advertising and changing the tendency toward purchasing domestic products

Journal Title: International Research Journal of Applied and Basic Sciences - Year 2013, Vol 7, Issue 3


The main purpose of this research is getting to the relationship between the audiences and catching their attention by watching the commercial advertising, increasing their desire to have the stuffs which were advertised and their decision when purchasing the goods. Accordingly, the integrated studies conducted in the field of advertising and toward domestic consumption and national issues, a questionnaire set with the help of top university professors and advertising senior masters. However, because of the reliance on different media which broadcasting the advertisements, we got it Prerequisite on our questionnaires before distributing it to 400 young men and 350 elderly and also 551men and 592 women an oral interview was carry out in the matter of trust in television, radio, newspapers, magazines and billboards advertising, which represents a high range of reliance to the national media television advertising. After in which the questionnaire was distributed among people over 25 years, including disting uishedmilitary and national character and national media employees and their families and other important and worthy organizations living indifferent provinces that were in the Zibakenar Complex, the results obtained by the SPSS software, indicates that between watching ads and attract audiences, there is a direct relationship between increasing the desire of tendency to have and decision of audiences when buying goods and by increasing in watching commercials ads, the above subjects will increase respectively.

Authors and Affiliations

Dr. MahmoudMostaghimi| Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences, University of Guilan, Department of Management, Dr. Rahim Ramezanian| Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences, University of Guilan, Department of Management, Mehdi Yousefi| MBA MA student, University of Guilan(PARDIS BIYNONMELAL)


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Dr. MahmoudMostaghimi, Dr. Rahim Ramezanian, Mehdi Yousefi (2013). The study of the relationship between visual advertising and changing the tendency toward purchasing domestic products. International Research Journal of Applied and Basic Sciences, 7(3), 175-179.