Time, Memory, Partition and Mental Health of Immigrants: A Cognitive Study


The perception of ‘Home’ is deeply rooted with individual- ‘belongingness’ or identity. The displacement creates a psychological state of ‘un-homeliness’ or ‘double-consciousness’ and transforms the individual into diasporic entity. A strained uprooting of an approximate eighteen million people was the cost of the partition of India in 1947. Families were divided; forcefully relocated, and the root of culture was struck. Time has fled by; more the six decades are gone. But the questions still prevail, can rehabilitation provide emotional fulfillment? Has the weight of ‘un-belongingness’ on the consciousness of refugees been assessed or acknowledged properly? Have the once fragmented identities be mended? Or still the lines are indelible? The paper is a sincere endeavour to analyze the explicit, episodic memory of the Bengali immigrants and tries to re-unfold their interiors to know whether the sting of separation still haunts and affects their psychological and emotional well-being.

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Indrani Singh Rai


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