Towards an augmented reality guiding system for assisted indoor remote vehicle navigation


Scientific facilities usually require the use of vehicles controlled remotely by an operator relying on the information provided by a camera. However, the operator lacks of depth perception, which makes difficult the navigation. Providing additional information by means of Augmented Reality (AR) may enhance the safety and accuracy of the navigation. AR has been used in outdoor navigation systems. However, the technologies for outdoor systems cannot be directly ported to indoor environments and hence new techniques are required. Although several works for AR-based human indoor navigation have been proposed, to our best knowledge there are no similar studies for assisted indoor remote vehicle navigation. In this paper, a new prototype for assisted indoor remote vehicle navigation is proposed. The prototype provides the operator with an augmented view of the remote scene and complemented with additional features. The prototype has been tested in a small-scale setup with promising results.

Authors and Affiliations

Héctor Martínez, Seppo Laukkanen


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