Translation Peculiarities of Slanguage

Journal Title: Kalbu studijos / Studies about Languages - Year 2010, Vol 16, Issue 1


The article defines and analyses three main translation methods of slanguage items, i.e. softening, stylistic compensation and literal translation as well as their application in translation of modern literature. It is claimed in the paper that softening is focused on the perception of the target text reader; the language of the target text is formulated in such a way that it sounds natural for the reader. Stylistic compensation is defined as a means that helps to recreate a similar effect in the target text using the means specific to the target language in order to compensate the losses of the source text. Literal translation is applied when words of the source language are translated directly into the target language. The instances presented in the article are selected from Marian Keys’s novel “Watermelon”. The results of the research have been analysed, generalised and the conclusions have been drawn. They are expected to be useful for further investigations of translation methods as well as to enhance new quality understanding of translation studies as a whole.

Authors and Affiliations

Karolina Butkuvienė, Lolita Petrulionė


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Karolina Butkuvienė, Lolita Petrulionė (2010). Translation Peculiarities of Slanguage. Kalbu studijos / Studies about Languages, 16(1), 39-43.