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On behalf of the Editorial board, we welcome you to the inaugural issue of the ICST Transactions on ContextAware Systems and Applications. We are delighted to launch this new transactions journal after a preparatory process that has received encouraging support from the Editorial Board and from ICST/EAI. This issue, with five papers, will serve as a reference material for researchers, scientists, professionals and students in computer science and computer engineering as well as developers and practitioners in computing and networking systems design by providing them with stateof-the-art research findings and future opportunities and trends. These papers include some recent advances in context-awareness reflected in this issue. In particular, the issue covers various aspects of context-awareness as follows: Paper 1 by Vangalur Alagar, Mubarak Mohammad, Kaiyu Wan and Sofian Alsalman Hnaide proposes a componentbased architecture for a Context-aware Framework in which context, awareness capabilities, reactions, and adaptations are formally dealt with. Two formal languages are designed to express context situations and express workflow policies, which respectively lead to a context reasoner and to enforce adaptations. With these formalisms and a component design that can be formalized, this work fulfills a formal approach to construct context-aware applications. Two case studies are explained, of which one is a proof-of-concept case study from service-oriented domain. It is fully implemented to illustrate the expressiveness of the framework design and robustness of its implementation.

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Phan Cong Vinh


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