Analyzed Traffic through switches in the design of LANs using OPNET MODELER

Analyzed Traffic through switches in the design of LANs using OPNET MODELER


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  • Publisher's keywords: OPNET-MODELER, Traffic analysis, Switches over Hub, Design of LANs, Performance of Switches
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    Mr. Ishu Gupta, Dr. Harsh Sadawarti and Dr. S. N. Panda


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The corporate LAN has evolved from a passive background business component to a highly active, highly visible core asset that enterprises rely on to support day-to-day operations critical to their market success. Today’s network is a strategic instrument that must be accessible anytime from anywhere—simultaneously offering fast, secure, reliable services at scale regardless of location. It has also evolved from traditional client/server data flow support to peer-to-peer flow support, and it must also accommodate an increasing number of devices and services. The main aim of this research paper is to demonstrate the need for implementation of switches in the design of LANs using OPNET-MODELER. The performance of a 16-station LAN using first a simple hub, and then a switch and two hubs is compared. By analyzing the graphs, it is concluded that traffic performance of a network after deploying switches is better.

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