Okoliczności erygowania rzymskokatolickiej diecezji janowskiej
czyli podlaskiej (1795-1818)

Okoliczności erygowania rzymskokatolickiej diecezji janowskiej czyli podlaskiej (1795-1818)


  • Journal title: Wschodni Rocznik Humanistyczny
  • ISSN: 1731-982X (print)
  • Publisher: Towarzystwo Nauki i Kultury "Libra"
  • Country of publisher: poland
  • Date added to EuroPub: 2019/Sep/27

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  • LCC Subject Category: Social Sciences, Sociology, Humanities
  • Publisher's keywords: Catholic Church, diocese Janów, Podlasie diocese, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Kingdom of Poland
  • Language of fulltext: polish, english, russian, ukrainian
  • Full-text formats available: PDF
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    Andrzej Gil


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The article describes the changes to Church’s administrative organisation on the lands between the Vistula River and the Bug River which were subsequent to the last partitions of the Republic of Poland (1792, 1795), the creation of the Duchy of Warsaw (1807), wars with Austra (1709), and consequently of the creation of the Kingdom of Poland (1815). Consecutive border movements created the natural need to adjust the scope of dioceses to the actual borders of countries, or even internal administrative divisions. Eventually in 1818, Pope Pius VII issued two Papal Bulls in which he commissioned the archdiocese of Warsaw and sever dioceses to the following regions: Krakowski, Lubelski, Sandomirski, Wloclawski (i.e. Kaliski), Plocki, Janowski (i.e. Podlaski) and Sejenski (i.e. Augustowski). Even though the capital of the Podlaski voivodship, previously called a department, was the city of Siedlce, the seat of the newly created diocese was the city of Janow Podlaski. The important supplement to this article is the source attached: the Parishes of the Janowski Diocese according to the Papal Bull ‘Ex imposita nobis’ issued by Pius VII on 30th June, 1818.

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