A Lossless Secret Image Sharing Scheme based on Pixel Partitioning


Secret sharing method divides a secret into some components called shadow images where each shadow image looks meaningless. Based on this idea, we propose a simple secret image sharing scheme in this article. This scheme is based on bitwise operations. We have used matrix addition and subtraction processes for share generation and reconstruction processes respectively. This technique allows a secret image to be divided as n image shares so that all n image shares have to be used to reconstruct the secret image and any (n ? 1) or fewer image shares cannot get sufficient information to reveal the secret image. The proposed scheme has no pixel expansion and can reconstruct the secret image precisely. It is an effective, reliable, and secure method to prevent the secret image from being lost, stolen or corrupted. Experimental results prove that the proposed scheme is efficient because of strong security and accuracy.

Authors and Affiliations

Tapasi Bhattacharjee| Dept. of Information Technology Techno India Kolkata, India [email protected], Jyoti Prakash Singh| Dept. of Information Technology National Institute of Technology Patna, India [email protected], Amitava Nag| Dept. of Information Technology Academy of Technology Hooghly, India [email protected]


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