A Socio-pragmatic Study of Speeches Delivered on Marital Engagement Occasions in North Jordan


This study attempts to delineate the socio-pragmatic functions of the exchanged speeches in marital engagements in North Jordan in light of politeness and face management notions. It also intends to examine the relationship between the linguistic etiquette expressions exchanged on marital engagement and certain variables such as age, literacy, sociocultural, and socioeconomic factors. A handful of recorded speech events on marital engagement were collected from different parts in North Jordan alongside some notes. These recordings and notes are transliterated and translated into English. Next, the data are analyzed in terms of an appropriate socio-pragmatic account. The study came up with the following conclusions concerning the linguistic components of the speech events of marital engagement. These include greeting, complimenting, requesting, using relevant religious texts, honorifics, expressions of solidarity, and expressions of camaraderie. These linguistic components constitute the linguistic etiquette norms, and they are intended to express positive politeness and positive face. Moreover, all these components are used to show consideration, regard, and respect between the interlocutors in the marital speech events in North Jordan. Furthermore, the findings show that variables such as age, literacy, socioeconomic, and sociocultural factors strongly affect the process of selecting the interlocutors who are authorized to talk on behalf of the girl's and the man's families. These variables are based on deference, respect, and veneration.

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Mustafa Mohammad Al Qudah


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