A study of prevalence and factors associated with anemia in the paediatric patients at tertiary health care centre

Journal Title: Medpulse International Journal of Pediatrics - Year 2017, Vol 3, Issue 3


Background: Anaemia is a major public health problem in developing countries. The global estimate of childhood anaemia indicates that 293.1 million (approximately 43 %) of children under five years are anaemic worldwide. Aims and Objectives: To Study prevalence and factors associated with Anemia in the paediatric patients at Tertiary health care centre. Methodology: This was a cross-sectional study in the less than six years children admitted for various illness and having anemia (low hemoglobin on routine investigation) in the pediatric department of a tertiary health care center during the year January 2015 to January 2016.During one year there were 310 patients were included into the study. The data was presented in the tabular form and expressed in the percentages. Result: The most common age group in our study was 1-2 Yrs. Was 36.13 % followed by 2-3 Yrs. were 20.97%, 3-4 Yrs. - 16.77 %, <1 Yrs. were 14.52 %, 4-5 Yrs. were 8.71 %, 5-6 Yrs. were 2.90 %. The majority of the patients were Female i.e. 62%, followed by Male 35%.The most common clinical features were H/o ARI in 56%, followed by H/o Diarrhea in 45%, H/o Infection in 38%, Body ache in 28%, Splenomegaly in 21%, Easy fatigability in 15%, Poor Concentration in 12%, Delayed mile stones in 10%, Breathlessness in 8%. As per the Grade of Anemia Mild were 56%, followed by Moderate in 29%, Severe in 15%. The most common associated factors were; Undernourished Children were 65%, followed by, H/o ARI in 56%, H/o Diarrhea in 45%, H/o Malaria in 29%, H/o Worm infestation in 23%, Lower SES in 19%, Pure vegetarian were 17%, Not exclusive breast feeding was found in 15%. Conclusion: It can be concluded from our study that the most common clinical features of anemia in children were H/o ARI, followed by H/o Diarrhea, H/o Infection, Body ache Splenomegaly, Easy fatigability etc. and the most common associated factors were Undernutrition, H/o ARI, H/o Diarrhea, H/o Malaria, H/o Worm infestation, Lower SES Pure vegetarian, Not exclusive breast feeding etc.

Authors and Affiliations

K Kashi Viswanadham, Bhagat Baghel


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