Administrative and legal needs and process of Ukrainian police evolution


This article deals with the formation of police Ukraine in the context of the implementation of the respective groups administrative and legal needs (social needs that have or should have administrative and legal regulation). Specifically noted that the current results of the Ukrainian police prove that the construction of such a fundamentally new state police institution is rather complicated, lengthy and painstaking process that does not guarantee instant positive gains. No need to hope for a better job new police without objectively demanded changes in key institutions of Ukrainian state and society. Without a radical worldview, value changes of the overwhelming majority of citizens of Ukraine, which indicates how social practices are still not developed strong immunity to various manifestations of social immorality - corruption, embezzlement, extortion, nepotism, lies, cynicism and hypocrisy. It is noted that the administrative pravopotreby are crucial to direct the organization and functioning of all government institutions from the management of a local community and completing the government and president. The same can be said of the National Police, especially at the current early stage of its formation. For example, basic social needs in policing organizations that have or should have administrative and legal regulation, demonstrated he has not yet realized the potential that includes such category as administrative and legal requirements. It is noted that the launched process of the Ukrainian police characterized as certain achievements so annoying and failures. To exit the fastest current period of "simulation reform" as quickly as possible, we need to get rid of the current oligarchic-clan social model Ukraine. It confirms conducted an initial analysis of existing legal and administrative requirements in the organization and functioning of the police Ukraine.

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Yevgen Kurinnyy


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