An Automated Traffic Accident Detection and Alarm Device


The purpose of this work is to find the vehicle where it is and also you can stop that vehicle means after sending a message block you vehicle to your system which is placed inside of vehicle will get hold down there itself, until and unless authorized one comes and giving security code to that system and also most of the times we may not able to find accidents because we don’t know where accident will happen, in order to give treatment for injured people first we need to know that where that happened through location tracking and sending to your related one when your there inside of vehicle. The process of working of is explained as follows, this total equipment of this work is placed in a vehicle. The authorized person details with mobile number and some predefined parameters are stored in the SMS or a missed-call to GSM modem from the authorized mobile after registering with the GSM modem. Then we can send a SMS to the modem to the vehicle. Whenever we find that our vehicle is missing then simply sends an SMS then vehicle will not move forward anymore. Then the microcontroller gets the location of vehicle found by the GPS modem and Accident of a vehicle is identified by using a sensor informs of a vehicle. Whenever the accident will happen the information will be sent to the GSM modem. This work is implemented on microcontroller based GSM communication.

Authors and Affiliations

M Rajendra Prasad | M. Tech Scholar (Embedded System), Nova College of Engineering and Technology, P Aswani Kumar| M. Tech Scholar (Embedded System), Nova College of Engineering and Technology


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