An Efficient Technique of Image Clustering using Limited Devices


Data mining technique provides several facilities to facilitate several tasks related with large amount of data. Among these tasks the very common ones are association rule mining, classification and clustering. Clustering is gaining its popularity as efficient classifier. Clustering can be easily used as a classifier on limited devices because it uses less amount of space which is an important factor for limited devices. In this paper we present how clustering can be used as an image classifier in limited devices.

Authors and Affiliations

Monika Bhatnagar| Research Scholar, Dr. K.N. Modi University Newai, Rajasthan,India [email protected], Dr. Prashant Kumar Singh| ISC Software Private Limited Bhopal,MP, India [email protected]


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Monika Bhatnagar, Dr. Prashant Kumar Singh (2012). An Efficient Technique of Image Clustering using Limited Devices. International Journal of Electronics Communication and Computer Technology, 2(2), 75-78.