Analisis Bibliometrika Tingkat Kolaborasi, Produktivitas Penulis, Serta Profil Artikel Jurnal Kajian Informasi & Perpustakaan Tahun 2014-2018

Journal Title: Pustabiblia: Journal of Library and Information Science - Year 2019, Vol 3, Issue 1


The purpose of the study was to identify articles published in the Science & Library Progress Journal in 2014 - 2018. The subject of this study is 76 articles published online by the information and library study journal for the period 2014-2018. The method of data collection is done by checking and recording all information related to the number of articles, number of citations, number of authors, authorship and collaboration, the level of author productivity, the level of collaboration and the distribution of agencies and professional writers. The analytical method used is a qualitative descriptive method and calculates the level of collaboration using the Subramayan formula.The results of the study showed that of the total 76 articles, the highest number of articles written by 3 authors is 45 articles (59.21%) with a collaboration degree of 0.89. The author who ranked first in the author’s productivity was Pawit M. Yusup who has written 12 articles in JKIP in 2014-2018. The institution that most often participates in article writing is the Department of Library Science at Padjadjaran University, which is 139 times (76.36%). The profession of the writers who participated most in writing articles was from the lecturers, namely 119 times (65.38%).

Authors and Affiliations

Rohanda Rohanda, Yunus Winoto


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