Application of Stand-PSO Technique for Optimization Cameras’ 2D Dispositions in a MoCap system

Journal Title: Journal of Applied Computer Science & Mathematics - Year 2016, Vol 10, Issue 21


In this paper, a detailed study of the Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) technique is given in its standard version to solve a network camera placement problem and to ensure the coverage of a reflector point by, at least, two cameras in each frame of a motion sequence of an object in movement in a MoCap (Motion Capture) system. Solving the problem is by optimizing the extrinsic camera parameters for the whole network. The interest of this study is to determine the advantages and limits of this metaheuristic. Simulation results for 2D scenarios showed the effectiveness of this technique when considering all continuous space and the presence of obstacles.

Authors and Affiliations

Salim ABDESSELAM, Abir BETKA, Abida TOUMI, 4Zine-Eddine BAARIR


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Salim ABDESSELAM, Abir BETKA, Abida TOUMI, 4Zine-Eddine BAARIR (2016). Application of Stand-PSO Technique for Optimization Cameras’ 2D Dispositions in a MoCap system. Journal of Applied Computer Science & Mathematics, 10(21), 9-16.