Assessing the Impact of Work Environment on Employee Engagement among Non-Academic Staff of the University

Journal Title: SEISENSE Journal of Management - Year 2019, Vol 2, Issue 1


Aim of the Study - The objective of this study was to access the impact of work environment on employee engagement among the non - academic staffs of the university in Nigeria. Social exchange theory (SET) was utilized in developing the research framework. Methodology - A total of 150 non - academics staff from l University, representing a response rate of 63.3% participated in this study. Data were collected through a self - administered questionnaire. The correlation and the hypothesis were tested using the statistical package for social sciences (SPSS 2.0). The Cronbach’s Alpha value for the variables ranging from 0.724 to 0.80 4 indicates very good reliability of the research instrument. Findings - The findings indicate a moderate relationship between the work environment and employee engagement, and the hypothesis is not supported. Practical Implications - The study will prov ide direction to both the management and the university staff for them to proactively focus on providing a healthy and comfortable working environment that will boost engagement, which lead towards enhancing the performance of university staff, and also th e university administrators in various ways.

Authors and Affiliations

Yusuf Nasidi, A. U. Makera, A. M. Kamaruddeen, I. M. Jemaku


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